We will celebrate Mahavatar Babaji Commemoration Day this Tuesday, July 25. The service will begin at 7 p.m. and will end at approximately 8:30 p.m. The Temple and J Street Chapel will be open for individual meditation between 6:00 and 6:45 p.m. During this time, families with children may make their offerings in the main Temple. Families with children may also attend the service in the main Temple and make their offerings at 7:15 when the minister invites them to come forward. It is customary to bring a flower that you have chosen and a donation in an envelope.  

During the week of August 6 – 12, thousands of SRF members and seekers from around the world will gather in downtown Los Angeles for spiritual renewal and divine fellowship at the SRF World Convocation. For details, please visit www.yogananda-srf.org.

If you want to avoid high parking fees in downtown Los Angeles and a long drive in crawling traffic, consider taking the Temple’s chartered buses to and from Convocation. One leaves 215 K Street near the Retreat parking lot gate at 12 p.m. on Sunday, August 6. The following Saturday, August 12, another bus will leave the Bonaventure Hotel for return to Encinitas at 4 p.m. Round trip and one-way Convocation bus reservations and a detailed flyer will be available after services throughout July only at the table outside. Please make your reservations soon!

Copies of the Temple schedule during the week of the SRF Convocation as well as the week following the Convocation are available in the foyer.

On August 18, the Friday following Convocation, a potluck supper will be held at 6 p.m. on the Temple patio to meet the many devotees from other states and countries who are in Encinitas at that time. Temple members are invited to bring food for the meal, but visitors will come as our guests. For more information, please pick up a flyer in the foyer.

Sunday, July 23: The Bhagavad-Gita Scriptural Reading is from Volume 2.

Monday, July 24:  The SRF Lessons Scriptural Reading is from Volume 5, Lesson 108 entitled, “The Story of Creation – Part 3.”

Friday, July 28:  The Second Coming of Christ Scriptural Reading is from Volume 1.